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Making a Will? Read a Short History and the Benefits of Making a Will

The legal necessity of a will cannot be stressed enough as it basically gives a sense of security to both the maker and the beneficiaries. Will or last testaments have been the last resort in property disputes and if the document are made correctly then it can quash any suit for property division. Wills are typed or handwritten statements wherein it is given the methods or the directions that must be followed during the division or distribution of the assets. These assets must belong to the maker of the will and he must be its rightful owner in the eyes of law. There can be no division of any asset over which the owner or the maker of the will has partial or no right.

The word ‘assets’ here mean the estate, money, belongings, jewels, etc and many more. The owner must have complete ownership over the assets that have been mentioned in the will.

A will or a last testament has been around for hundreds of years and was probably invented by the founders of legal systems and bureaucracy- the Romans. The system was fully streamlined by the British and was used extensively in the Commonwealth countries. History is witness to the senseless blood baths that occurred when a king or a regent died leading to fratricide. Making a will thus became necessary to avoid ugly property disputes that have been a civil problem since the birth of ownership rights. The British led down the groundwork of the wills system and since then it has been followed by the Constitution.

Benefits of making a will

• Keep your family safe: By making your will you ensure that your family is safe from monetary problems as well as property disputes. Your will is a safety buffer against such problems and you can be at peace as you won’t have to think for your family’s condition after you are gone.

• Last wishes: Through a will you can ensure that your last wishes are fulfilled to the last conditions.

• Easy settlement of property: Your descendants won’t have to fight for your property after you are gone if you prepare a will.

Also we would like to state that people rarely find making a Will to be a pleasant task. Preparing a Will is a metaphor for our own mortality which people don’t want to face. But as they say- No one is immortal or escapes death and taxes! Who knows? You could compromise with your own mortal end during the preparation and come out with a better view on life.